Kingofsack asked for palette # 6 of Koutei ( kenji Mitsusada) from Vanguard a while ago and I finally got around to draw it

a doodle of chubby killugon birdies + stalked by hisoka birdy

idk Jungo drags Keita to a cat convention. ( inspired by my trip in Taiwan because of cat village )

"We’re friends after all!"

I love these three so much, I hope Gon gets to talk more with Alluka jfc

(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Happy Birthday nee-chan!  Have some Hades-san and Yama-chan outfit switch

Listening to Q&A recital ( Tonari no kaibutsu-kun’s opening) and felt a surge of inspiration so I drew my otps from Devil Survivor 2- Gonna color this later

Chibi Male ver of Kusanagi Yui from Kamiaso can also be called Yue?

Genderbend Yui that I drew before

Next I’ll draw his interaction with the other characters ’ 7 ‘/

Got a Cintiq so did a super quick doodle of two of my most favorite series