Was testing out the Cintiq in a wacom store in Taipei- had to rush so I rush sketched Takeru. idk why I decided to use pink oh well

200+ Followers!! Thank you for the support, I’ll continue to do my best! 


"We did it! We won against that Bastard England!!!"

I watched FIFA 2014 all day today England vs Italy and Japan vs CIV.

Sadly Japan lost but Italy won so I drew the Italian brothers!

My top Otps atm - Jungo/keita (Devil Survivor 2) , Asahi/Nishinoya (Haikyuu!!) , Killugon ( Hunter x Hunter) , Loki/Takeru (Kamiaso)- couple practice 

School doodles a lot of Hunter x Hunter- I love Alluka ok, she’s adorable. Might color some of these-

Joker (from Kuroshitsuji) and 14? =w=



First Time drawing Joker and doing the palette thing! Joker from Kuroshitsuji #14

Color palette meme

Kamigami no asobi Icon Set WIP 

Free to use icons that I am making and will finish once my hand heals ; 7; hope you’ll like them when I’m finished. ( Might make a Devil Survivor version of this too)

My design of a Lava beast known as Vas from a while ago. It’s still one of my favorite creatures I’ve made. I’ll most likely draw more of him in the future.

I was trying to finish this for mother’s day but couldn’t because of wrist problems. Hunter x Hunter gon and Mito-san  WIP C’: