I am so excited you will see a lot of desu2 art from me again because I can’t contain my excitement 

A quick doodle of Flynn in the ōendan uniform. Cheering for Yuri, most likely

My first time doing painting style and my test subject was Kurapika in his scarlet eyed form because he is a beauty

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!! 9/8 

Tsukito along with Chinese goddess of the moon Chang’e + Lil Takeru and usamaro

Moon Festival WIP Chang’e, Tsukito, Usamaro and lil Takeru


"Let’s spar again later ok"

I decided to randomly doodle Yue in his kendo outfit  ;7;

hhi there I just wanted to drop by and say that you did SUCH an amazing job on your hxh countdown art, it's really beautiful and amazing how you got that all done with such a quality finish to it and everything ;v; you're very talented, keep up the good work!!!

image Oh my gosh skgfkjdg Thank you very much for the compliment!!! This made me really happy and glad that I put in a lot of time and effort in for that piece!! I will continue to do my best- Thank you! Your words give me motivation and determination to create more art and improve! 

Kingofsack asked for palette # 6 of Koutei ( kenji Mitsusada) from Vanguard a while ago and I finally got around to draw it